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IKEA Dryck Påskmust Review

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Been a minute since my last soda review, but I was at IKEA the other day and saw this Easter-themed drink for sale. Given the enduring popularity of my Julmust review, I knew I had to review this mysterious new drink as well. So, come with me as I brave the uncharted waters of Dryck Påskmust!

The label describes it as “aromatized”, so a preliminary whiff will be especially important today.

A strong, unfamiliar odor. A floral sweetness, but also a heavy pungency. And…I almost want to say I’m getting a scent of wax? It almost smells like a scented candle.

Now to taste it. I’m a little nervous, for once.

Tastes like a “suicide” – like a bunch of different sodas poured into one glass. Let’s step back from the initial assault and try to parse out some of the more distinct flavors at play.

There’s cola in this soda’s DNA, no doubt of it. And a citrus flavor – citric acid is an ingredient – like orange soda, maybe?

The ingredients also include hops flavoring and malt flavoring. I can detect the hops – that hint of sourness – and a bit of sweet maltiness as well.

Really, this is almost like a soda trying to be a beer.

That is what it is. If you took a stout – especially a coffee or a chocolate stout – and married it to a soda, preferably an orange soda or a cola, the result would be something like this.

It’s on the heavy side, to be sure, as stouts tend to be, and it’s not a soda you want to chug. It’ll sit in your stomach like a rock if you do. This is a soda you want to sip. And with so complex a flavor, it’s a soda you want to savor.

According to Wikipedia, julmust and påskmust are the same thing, so I referred to my Julmust review to compare. And there seems to be one key difference: I mention that Julmust has barley as a flavoring, and Påskmust does not appear to. Instead, it has malt, which adds to that stouty sweetness.

So I was not tricked into buying the same drink twice – though, since this was quite tasty, I’m glad to have had it at all. And I’ll recommend it, too – provided you have an IKEA near you.


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