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IKEA Dryck Påskmust Review

Been a minute since my last soda review, but I was at IKEA the other day and saw this Easter-themed drink for sale. Given the enduring popularity of my Julmust review, I knew I had to review this mysterious new drink as well. So, come with me as I brave the uncharted waters of Dryck Påskmust!

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IKEA Julmust Review


An IKEA recently opened up near me, and since I can’t really afford to furnish my apartment with their goods, I focused on the next best thing: their food! Meatballs, vegetable cakes, those little dome-shaped marzipan desserts…you name it. And I’d heard from an acquaintance in Sweden that IKEA carried julmust, a holiday beverage, around the holiday season. I went today, not even expecting to find it–yet there it was.

So I opted to try it without delay–and out of an IKEA glass, no less! So let’s just see how this “festive” drink is.

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