I’m a college grad (class of ’13), theater major, Slavic studies minor, living in the Kansas City area, working, watching movies, reading books, and drinking soda. But almost never at the same time.

Come awards season, I keep a pretty close eye on who wins (or is nominated for) what, and shortly before the Oscars announce my own awards. You’ll have the opportunity to vote on my nominees or write in your own when the time comes, though whether that’ll be through dedicated polls or simply via the comments section can change from one year to the next.

When I began this blog, I had a lot more time and money on my hands and kept up pretty well with new releases and with my own review output. Anymore, however, while I still see a lot of movies, I’m not seeing (or honestly even trying to see) everything, and I’m not writing as many full reviews as I used to. Time was almost everything would get a 1000-word (or more, often much more) write-up; now I reserve that level of effort for the chosen few.

I also occasionally highlight trailers and posters which catch my fancy, and I’m always considering broadening the scope of the content I share on here. In all instances I hope to give you a fair analysis of the film or soda or book in question, in my own style, of course, but with as little bullshit as possible.

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