IKEA Julmust Review


An IKEA recently opened up near me, and since I can’t really afford to furnish my apartment with their goods, I focused on the next best thing: their food! Meatballs, vegetable cakes, those little dome-shaped marzipan desserts…you name it. And I’d heard from an acquaintance in Sweden that IKEA carried julmust, a holiday beverage, around the holiday season. I went today, not even expecting to find it–yet there it was.

So I opted to try it without delay–and out of an IKEA glass, no less! So let’s just see how this “festive” drink is.

Smells kind of fruity. Fruit punchy. Looks like Coke, but it sure doesn’t smell like it.

Tastes…a little beery.

There’s a definite beery aftertaste (hops and barley flavors are listed on the ingredients), but the main flavor is…very hard to describe. That won’t stop me from trying.

Okay, it does taste a little like a cola. Kind of like…a bit like Moxie, maybe? Not quite as bitter, but it still has that slightly medicinal taste.

I can feel the hoppiness a little more. It’s a non-alcoholic drink, but they got the hoppiness down.

Yeah, this really tastes about as much like Moxie as anything else on Earth. Which is weird.

My awesome new Murkla glass.
My awesome new Murkla glass.

Would I call it festive, as befits the smiling Santa on the label? I’m not sure. It feels like a better drink for a reflective mood. Something to sip on a winter’s evening as you think on the past and on the year to come.

I suppose the big question is, is it good? Yes–it’s not going to be part of my regular repertory, probably, but it’s pleasant drinking. It’s got a nice bit of a bite to it, and a mild sourness you don’t often find in soda. It’s a little sugar-rich for comfort (45 grams a bottle), but in the holiday spirit, I suppose such things can be overlooked.

Finished. And decently satisfied. If you’ve got an IKEA near you, definitely give it a shot–I think it’s pretty inexpensive (I like that a lot of their small-ticket items are actually quite cheap), and it’s a pretty unique beverage in its own right. It’s not gluten-free, though.

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