ROAR Review – ***

For much of Roar, my jaw was dropped, not for the level of technical accomplishment on display, but for the mind-boggling irresponsibility that went into its creation, the fruits of which have been widely touted by Drafthouse: the big cats which comprise most of the cast were completely unharmed¹ during the lengthy production, but almost every human involved was. And as the lions, tigers, leopards, and other felids leapt on, gnawed on, and chased about the hapless homo sapiens, as nearly every tenet of common sense where human interaction with wild animals is concerned was totally disregarded, so swung open my mouth.

I was lucky enough to meet one of the animal wranglers for the film’s production at the screening I attended, and he made the point to me that such a film could never be made now. And it’s hard to feel bad about that–that no one was killed in the name of Roar seems positively miraculous–but at least we have this anomalous film to bear witness to what happened when good intentions met some very sharp teeth.

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Conflating My Nominees

My frame of mind exactly.

My frame of mind exactly.

For my 2014 Film Awards, I opted to split the major categories into Drama and Musical/Comedy. However, I’ve been considering what I would do had I stuck to the model I had used in previous years, and separated from the heat from awards season, I think I can whittle down my expanded nominees and produce a satisfactory set of contenders.

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“The best film of 2050″

Got a slate to clear. Got the 2015 films to tackle (well, aside from Chappie). Let’s see how quickly I can get through these.

I’d like to take this moment to tell you to check out my friend Ness’ new WordPress blog, The Ness Empire. He rants in grandiose fashion about the best (and worst) fast food has to offer.

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Plum Ramune Review

After really learning what Ramune was from this video (which, watch that and watch that guy’s other videos. Trust me), I felt I had to give it a try, and when I found this unique drink in plum flavor (I love plums, and I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a plum drink before), I knew it was time.

Straight from Japan, courtesy of Sangaria U.S.A., it’s Ramune!

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Jic Jac Black Cherry Soda Review

Good news! A soda shop is opening up nearer to where I live, which should–God willing–allow for a steadier stream of reviews. I actually have several sodas on hand from my latest trip, but first let’s do a soda I’ve had sitting around for a while–Jic Jac Black Cherry. I think I opted for this particular drink because my trip to the soda store had yielded few results, and having never tried any Jic Jac sodas, I figured I might at least knock another brand off the list. So let’s see what we’ve got! Continue reading

The All-Time Film Awards: The AFI Top 100

In preparation for the ATFAs, I’ll need to watch many canonical films I’ve either never seen or haven’t seen in quite some time in order to encompass what is generally considered to be the cream of cinema–adding, of course, my idiosyncratic candidates.

The American Film Institute’s Top 100, while a long, long way from a definite list of the best of American cinema, is a pretty good resource for such a project, since it encompasses so much of the popular canon. I’m going to run through the list and give my viewing status and thoughts, when applicable, on each one. I’ll use the 10th anniversary version of the list, which was compiled in 2007, and after I’ve done the list I’ll cover the films which were removed from the list for the revision.

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