The 89th Academy Awards Nominees

Well, let’s see how I did. Best Picture: Arrival Fences Hacksaw Ridge Hell or High Water Hidden Figures La La Land Lion Manchester By the Sea Moonlight

Predicting the 89th Academy Awards Nominees

Tomorrow morning, the nominees for the 89th Academy Awards will be announced. You’ll see many a blog post trying to predict the contenders; you’ll hear many a pundit try and make the case for Film A over Film B; commenters on an infinitude of social media posts will tell you why one nomination can’t happen but another must….

The Most Overrated Films of 2016

I’m the kind of guy who tends to go against the grain, so it gives me a kind of perverse delight to make the case for a film being worth rather less than it has generally been taken for. All the same, I still love cinema (if I didn’t, why would I spend so much…

The Most Underrated Films of 2016

Even more than taking down overrated films, I relish the ability to promote underrated ones. So many fine films languish unseen, and for so many reasons. And I consider it my responsibility as a cinephile to bring as many of these films to the light as I can. In truth, 2016 was not as rich…

Directors Guild Award Nominations 2016

All right. This is the last big guild we get. (Might be the last guild to announce period, I’m not sure.) In 12 days, the Academy announces their nominees, and after that it’s just a matter of waiting. So let’s see what the directors have for us… Damien Chazelle, La La Land Garth Davis, Lion Barry Jenkins, Moonlight…

ASC Award Nominees 2016

The American Society of Cinematographers announced their award nominees today. They usually don’t match up perfectly with the Oscars, but you can count on them for at least 4 out of the 5 nominees. Their nominees are: Arrival La La Land Lion Moonlight Silence

My Most Anticipated Films of 2017 v. 1.0

As we work our way through the 2016 awards season and try to wrap up the last of that contentious year, it’s only right that we also look to the future. I can’t say if 2017 will go down as good year in film or not; less than two weeks into it I don’t even…

Producers Guild Award Nominees: 2016

And now the Producers Guild chimes in. They’re traditionally a very solid barometer of most, but not all, of the Best Picture nominees. I’ll get into more in a moment, but first, the nominees: Arrival Deadpool Fences Hacksaw Ridge Hell or High Water Hidden Figures La La Land Lion Manchester By the Sea Moonlight

74th Golden Globes Wrap-Up

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