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My Bottom 10 Films of 2016

First the good, and now the bad.

If I’ve let you down by not seeing enough bad films this year, I apologize. I’ll do better (or worse) next time.

But let me tell you, even if there was no film this year which approached the exquisite shittiness of Dancin’ – It’s On!, there was plenty to grouse about.

The films will be listed in alphabetical order.

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My Top 10 Films of 2016

Well, it’s time to start closing the book on 2016 (except for my awards, of course), which means it’s time to anoint my top 10 films of the year!

I’m doing the list a little differently this time. I’m not just slapping down my top 10 ranked films in order and calling it good. Instead, I’m giving you my 10 favorite (or most-admired, or most-cherished, or whatever you like) films, in alphabetical order, and then 10 more from across my top 25 ranked films, also in alphabetical order, to give you an idea not just of what was the best, but what I liked the most.

Also note that this list is not necessarily predictive of my Best Picture lineup, or of any of my awards categories. It should be taken as a reflection purely of taste.

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