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The Films of 2016, in 100 Words or Less: Part VII


I decided to break the final batch of capsule reviews into two: this contains all the remaining films which I ranked *** or less; the final batch, which you’ll get in the next day or two, will contain all the ***½ and **** films. This list, however, does contain two Best Picture nominees and three films nominated in other categories.

Please also note that these reviews may contain spoilers for the films in question.

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My Bottom 10 Films of 2016

First the good, and now the bad.

If I’ve let you down by not seeing enough bad films this year, I apologize. I’ll do better (or worse) next time.

But let me tell you, even if there was no film this year which approached the exquisite shittiness of Dancin’ – It’s On!, there was plenty to grouse about.

The films will be listed in alphabetical order.

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