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My Most Overrated Films of 2017


Loved by some. Not by me.

The key word here is “my.” This list is purely subjective; these are the films which were praised, honored, and loved by others, but which left me cold, disappointed, or simply scratching my head. This was a trickier year than usual to compile this list, in part because I saw fewer films, but in part because there wasn’t a major critical/awards juggernaut I was itching to take down – there wasn’t a La La Land for me to vent about.

The overrated films of this year, for the most part, frustrated or disappointed in more complex ways, and so I hope this list is relatively light on bile; I felt most of these films were overrated because I saw how I felt they could be so much better – and too many fellow viewers didn’t see that or let it slide.

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British Independent Film Award Nominations: 2017


Really a hell of a poster.

It’s BIFA time again!

I’ve covered the BIFA nominations the last three years, and this year will be only a partial exception; serious limitations on my time prevent me from doing so in as much detail as before, so I’ll switch things up a bit. I’ll post a link to the full list of nominees, and discuss in detail three films which dominated this year’s awards, two of which are among my most anticipated films of the coming months.

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