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My 5th Annual Film Awards: Your Winners, My Winners, and My Rankings for Each Category

It’s time.

I was going to have a survey here, but I’ll save that for Monday.

A quick thanks to all of you who voted and all of you who got the vote out. The turn-out this year was lower than last year’s, but I must attribute some of that to my getting the polls up so late. I’ll see if I can’t do better next year.

Click that button to see our results.

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My 5th Annual Film Awards: The Nominees

On the left, a film which made $150 million in the U.S. alone and which nearly everyone has heard of. On the right, a film which made about $110,000 in the U.S., and which comparatively few have heard of (and fewer have seen). But they're both up for my Best Picture award.

On the left, a film which made $150 million in the U.S. alone and which nearly everyone has heard of. On the right, a film which made about $110,000 in the U.S., and which comparatively few have heard of (and fewer have seen). But they’re both up for my Best Picture award.

And so it begins.

Apologies for not illustrating this post as elaborately as I might have, but it’s been a busy weekend.

In fact, because of time pressures, I’ve decided the open voting will actually commence tomorrow–President’s Day. An appropriate day for voting, no? (A neat rationalization of my own procrastination…no?)


  • Anomalisa
  • The Big Short
  • Bridge of Spies
  • Brooklyn
  • Carol
  • Creed
  • Ex Machina
  • The Hateful Eight
  • Inside Out
  • The Look of Silence
  • Love & Mercy
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • The Martian
  • Mr. Holmes
  • The Revenant
  • Room
  • Son of Saul
  • The Stanford Prison Experiment
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Tangerine

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My Top 20 and Bottom 10 Films of 2015

Ex Machina Caleb and Nathan.jpg

The man on the left is in four films in my top 20. He was in two of my Best Picture nominees last year. The man on the right is in two films in my top 20, and was one of my Best Actor nominees last year. Both of the films featuring the man on the right also feature the man on the left. In this film, they share the screen constantly and compromise 2/3 of the principal cast. In the other film, they never share the screen at all. (Source)

A couple of caveats before I begin.

First, I still haven’t seen all the films of 2015 I wanted to see. That happens. The films I see from here on out will be spoken of in due time, and I’ll publish a full ranking of all the year’s films once I announce the results of my awards. So I have two weeks to augment this list, and I kind of hope I don’t have to augment it too much. Because it works fairly well.

Secondly, let me contradict that last sentence just a tad. This is a solid list, but compared to the last three years, it’s pretty weak. My #1 is the best new film since I began the blog. My worst film is the worst. But my #2 would’ve been #6 at best last year, and my #10 would have been in the lower teens. And my #20 would’ve been about #34. For a long time, this looked like it would end up as one of the weakest years in recent memory.

But the best of the year is the best of the year, and the worst is the worst, and that’s what we’re here to celebrate. So let’s get to it.

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The Nominations for the 88th Academy Awards

Mad Max vs the world poster

It sure is.

Well, my heart was pounding for a minute there.

And now that the dust is settling, there’s a strange set of nominees to sift through. Because they didn’t quite do what I expected. And in a couple of cases…they did what no one expected.

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Golden Globes Predictions

Spotlight Pfeiffer-Robby-Rezendes

They’ve been the toast of the season so far. How will they do tonight?

Let’s break these bad motherfuckers down.

A quick note: I rank all my contenders in all my award categories only for the top 20. So if someone ranks lower than 20 on a given list, I note them thus: (#>20). I assume that’s right.

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BAFTA Nominations: 2015


From Anchorman 2 to critical darling. (Source)

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has announced their nominations. Anymore they’re a fairly important precursor to the Oscars, but even in their own right they’re worth analyzing.

I’m not over the moon with all of their choices this year, but there are a few pleasant surprises to be found.


  • The Big Short
  • Bridge of Spies
  • Carol
  • The Revenant
  • Spotlight

They fucked over Mad Max? Well, fuck you too, BAFTA.

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AFI Top 10 List: 2015

Big Short poster

First I was dreading it. Then I was curious about it. Now I’m looking forward to it. How often does that happen? (Source)

The American Film Institute announced their Top 10 list today. They delayed the announcement so the members would be able to factor in Star Wars, and…you’ll see how that panned out.

I’m gonna go over the list and consider what each film’s Oscar chances are at the moment. Although this is still one of the more open races I’ve seen in a while, something like a consensus is beginning to form. I’ll get into that at a later date, but first, the list:

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