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2017: The Gravy in Review

The new year having firmly begun, I want to take just a moment to look back on 2017 and the kind of year the blog had – what posts were the most viewed, what posts are now the all-time champs, and so forth. And, of course, to thank you all for your patronage.

Thank you.

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Pepsi 1893 Review – All Four Flavors

Truth be told, I’m not a Pepsi man. I’m not even really a cola man; I prefer a good Pepper-style soda or ginger ale most of the time. And when it comes to the major colas, I frankly think Coca-Cola is superior.

But when Pepsi put out their “1893” line of experimental sodas, I was intrigued. I meant to try the first two flavors (Original and Ginger) some time ago, but that was around the time I cut back my soda intake significantly and I ended up never having any. But recently, noting the release of two additional flavors (Citrus and Black Currant), I resolved to try all four and write them up.

So here are the four members of the Pepsi 1893 roster. Let’s see if Pepsi bests Coke at branching out into the craft-soda market.

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