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My 5th Annual Film Awards: Your Winners, My Winners, and My Rankings for Each Category

It’s time.

I was going to have a survey here, but I’ll save that for Monday.

A quick thanks to all of you who voted and all of you who got the vote out. The turn-out this year was lower than last year’s, but I must attribute some of that to my getting the polls up so late. I’ll see if I can’t do better next year.

Click that button to see our results.

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My Six-Month Film Awards: 2015

Not a bad start to the year.

Not a bad start to the year.

I decided to list the top 20 in each category, though most categories don’t have even half that many contenders. The top 5 in each category are my nominees, and as such are bolded.


  1. Mad Max: Fury Road
  2. Inside Out
  3. Love & Mercy
  4. Ex Machina
  5. Spy
  6. It Follows
  7. Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter
  8. Maps to the Stars
  9. ’71
  10. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
  11. Kingsman: The Secret Service
  12. Avengers: Age of Ultron

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