NSFC and Friends: Hordes of Awards

I always love it when an awards group does something crazy-awesome. And the National Society of Film Critics did something crazy awesome. Crazy, crazy awesome.

Cannes 2014 Awards

Another Cannes is over, and the awards have gone, it seems, to a very interesting selection of films. Let’s dig in. In Competition: Palme d’Or –¬†Winter Sleep Good. Nuri Bilge Ceylan won the Grand Prix three years ago for an incredible film, and this sounds equally intriguing. I’ll be seeing this, and since it won,…

Top 10 Directors Never Nominated for an Oscar

The first part of this list is going to concern 10 directors who got no Oscar nominations of any kind–not even for writing or producing. Also, I’m only including directors I’ve seen at least one film from. I’m also going to allow honorary Oscars, so Godard is not making this first list.

Cannes 2014 Lineup

This morning, the lineup for the 2014 Cannes festival was announced, and there’s certainly some goodies on the list. I’m not sure what’ll walk away with the top prize–I’m not as devoted a student of the Cannes awards as I am of the Oscars–but I’ll make a few guesses as we go along. Let’s see…