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HIGH-RISE: Final Review – ***½

“We want you to lead a delegation.” “To where, the United Nations?” “To the supermarket.”

As of this writing, High-Rise ranks very highly in several of my awards categories, and for good reason: in certain particulars it’s an unqualified success. It’s superbly directed, gorgeously designed and photographed, and well acted. Its best scenes can be treasured by the keen viewer.

And yet, it is not even in my top 10 films of the year to date, and a lot of it comes down to the story. Based on J.G. Ballard’s 1975 novel, I am not entirely sure how much High-Rise has to offer a contemporary audience. But is the issue the source material, or the way director Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump brought it to the screen?

I previously published my initial thoughts on the film with the proviso that they would be incorporated into my final review. That is precisely what I have done here.

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My Six-Month Film Awards: 2016

The Lobster poster

“Why a lobster?” “Because lobsters live for over 100 years, are blue-blooded like aristocrats, and they stay fertile all of their lives.”


  1. The Lobster
  2. Weiner
  3. Finding Dory
  4. Captain America: Civil War
  5. Zootopia
  6. Swiss Army Man
  7. Tale of Tales
  8. The Invitation
  9. Lamb
  10. Elvis & Nixon

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2016 Rising, Actus Secundus: Most Anticipated Films

As I make my way through the remaining films of 2015, I must turn my attention to the new year and what it has to offer.

If 2015 was a year where most of my top films were more or less in the mainstream, this looks to be more like 2014–a year where most of my favorite films were lesser-known outings, either indies, foreign films, or foreign indie films. And that’s fine by me. I’d rather highlight the underdogs than echo the general sentiment.

I gotta say, though, I have no idea how this year will turn out. Probably the two films I most want to see are technically holdovers from last year. But after poring over several lists (including these two, and these three lists from the B+ Movie Blog, which I heartily recommend), and taking stock of what’s been playing at Sundance, I’ve assembled the following lists.

I’ve broken the lists into blocks of 25, the first of which I’ve most extensively illustrated, these films broadly being those I am most excited for. But this far out, who knows what the year will bring?

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British Independent Film Awards Nominees (2015)

A strong early showing for a film I can't wait to see. (Source)

A strong early showing for a film I can’t wait to see. (Source)

I reviewed the BIFA nominees last year, and since we haven’t yet got into the thick of the season, I’m damn sure gonna review them!

Unlike last year, I haven’t seen most of the films in contention–but many of them are among my most anticipated films of the year.

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Most Anticipated Films of 2015 – October 1 Onwards

Could a stop-motion animated film about a melancholy motivational speaker be the year's best? (Source)

Could a stop-motion animated film about a melancholy motivational speaker be the year’s best? (Source)

Looking forward to the rest of the year (and the six weeks or so of the new year during which I’ll focus on catching up), I see a few very promising contenders, a few more films with solid potential, and a number of films which could be excellent but could just as easily be forgettable.

2015 probably won’t go down as one of the great film years; indeed, there hasn’t been a Gravity or Boyhood-level critical juggernaut (though Mad Max came fairly close), which at the moment leaves the remainder of the year (and the awards season) a little more up in the air than usual. And I for one don’t mind.

So here are 60 films which are opening tomorrow or further on down the line which I actively want, or have reason to believe I ought, to see. Let’s dig right in.

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