If you want the gravy…

…You've got to get the biscuits!

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Tizer Review

Whilst on a recent day-trip back to a former hometown of mine, I happened to stop in at a shop specializing in goods – mostly edible – from the British Isles. I wasn’t especially inclined to get anything until, in the cooler, I saw a brightly colored can of soda – a soda I’d never had before, and didn’t even know existed.

For $1.50 (though rather more than the native price of 49p; at present exchange rate that would be about 63ยข), on a hot summer day as this was, the prospect was too tempting to resist. I bought a can and drank whiles sitting outside in the shade. The result is this review. From A.G. Barr plc, it’s the Great British Pop, Tizer!

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Boots Beverages Dewberry Soda Review

It’s hot. I want a soda.

I have soda.

Namely, I still have a couple of craft sodas sitting in my fridge awaiting my delectation. And even if they’re flatter than an armadillo on the interstate, they’re cold and sweet, and that’ll do just fine.

From Boots Beverages, and the Bellville Bottling Works in Bryan, Texas, we have Dewberry Soda. There’s just one problem.

What the hell is a dewberry?

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