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Cannes 2017 Results


I think he’s happy.

I may not have called it, but I came pretty damn close – and I’m quite happy to be ever so slightly wrong.

Let’s jump right in. Read my initial thoughts on the competitors here. For more information about the festival, and the full list of competing/non-competing films and awards, go here.

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MAD MAX FURY ROAD: Oscar contender?

I’ve shared this elsewhere online and figured I’d put it up here.

Once upon a time I’d have thought it a fantasy. A genre film in the tradition of a cult series known as much for its punkish aesthetic as for its action? Not bloody likely.

That was then. This is now.

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Cannes 2014 Awards

Ceylan wins the big one.

Ceylan wins the big one.

Another Cannes is over, and the awards have gone, it seems, to a very interesting selection of films. Let’s dig in.

In Competition:

Palme d’Or – Winter Sleep

Good. Nuri Bilge Ceylan won the Grand Prix three years ago for an incredible film, and this sounds equally intriguing. I’ll be seeing this, and since it won, I might get to do so sooner rather than later. I wonder if we’ll have our first Turkish Best Picture nominee. (Probably not, but let me dream.)

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