Proper Coffee Soda Review

First there was Hop Soda. Then there was Hibiscus Soda. Now, Proper comes out with something a hair less exotic: a coffee soda. But I’m a big, big fan of the java. And I will not abide mediocrity. Can Proper make a proper coffee soda? READ ON.

Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda Review…MARK II!

The last time I attempted to drink Manhattan Special’s flagship product, for whatever reason, half the bottle fizzed up and all over me, resulting in an unsatisfactory and incomplete review. The time has come to rectify that.

Fitz’s Coffee Cola Review

I love coffee, and I love coffee in cola–Succotash in KC has a drink called “The Ray Charles”, wherein espresso is poured into a glass of Mexican Coca-Cola (since that uses cane sugar). It’s delicious. So perhaps this soda, made by Fitz’s Bottling Co. in St. Louis, will be equally tasty. The first thing I…