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The Films of 2016, in 100 Words or Less: Part VIII


Scorsese’s passion project of 25 years…and his lowest-grossing film in 20. (Source)

Here it is, the final batch of 2016 reviews. Savor them, because I’m not sure when I’ll be putting up more.

The first 9 films are ***½. The final three are ****.

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POSTER SALAD III: Just a Whole Bunch of Shit

I haven’t done of these since November. I’m not going to do every interesting poster that came out in the interim, but I’d like to highlight some of the best of the last month or two.

First, this poster for the new film by Greek New Wave director Athina Rachel Tsingari. I quite liked her film Attenberg, and this is hopefully comparably fascinating. I like the cryptic nature of the poster and love the tagline, and since most of you have probably never heard of her or her films, I thought it would be a choice to kick things off with.

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