My 4th Annual Film Awards: The Voters Speak!

I asked, and you answered. A week ago, this little poll of mine positively exploded in popularity after I spread the word on social media, which led Arnaud Trouvé (aka CineCharlie) to inform none other than Brontis Jodorowsky that he was up for my award! Not only that, but Sr. Jodorowsky proceeded to share the…

European Film Awards Nominations

The European Film Awards recently announced their nominations. You can argue their relative prestige, but analyzing lists of nominees is so much fun that I don’t really care. European Film: Force Majeure Ida Leviathan Nymphomaniac – Director’s Cut Winter Sleep

Predicting my 4th Annual Film Awards: Second Round

It’s been three months since my first attempt at predicting what I’ll nominate come January, and it seems to me, with the Venice and Telluride film festivals underway (and once the Toronto festival is over, I’ll go over what films are looking good, which are looking iffy or bad, which are now on my radar which…

My Six-Month Film Awards: 2014

Let’s go to it, shall we? Picture: Captain America: The Winter Soldier The Congress The Dance of Reality Enemy Ida The Lego Movie Locke Nymphomaniac Snowpiercer 22 Jump Street

Predicting my 4th Annual Film Awards: First Round

As we’re edging towards my 6-Month Film Awards, it’s a good time to start theorizing on what the end of the year will bring. So, based on what looks good, what’s gotten good festival buzz, and what I’ve already seen, here are the first predictions. Obviously, there’s a great deal of guesswork here (last year…