HAMLET (1948) Review – ***½

The quintessential Shakespearean actor of his time, playing the quintessential Shakespearean character in the quintessential Shakespearean play—directing it as well, and adapting/heavily cutting the text? It’s hard to imagine a classier enterprise, and the Academy agreed, giving the film Best Picture and Olivier Best Actor, the only Shakespearean film and performance to be so honored….

My 5th Annual Film Awards: Open Voting!

Have at it, my friends. But please, PLEASE, vote in all categories. If you wish to write in a different choice, please do so in the comments. To review the nominees, go here.

My 5th Annual Film Awards: The Nominees

And so it begins. Apologies for not illustrating this post as elaborately as I might have, but it’s been a busy weekend. In fact, because of time pressures, I’ve decided the open voting will actually commence tomorrow–President’s Day. An appropriate day for voting, no? (A neat rationalization of my own procrastination…no?) Picture: Anomalisa The Big…

Golden Globes Predictions

Let’s break these bad motherfuckers down. A quick note: I rank all my contenders in all my award categories only for the top 20. So if someone ranks lower than 20 on a given list, I note them thus: (#>20). I assume that’s right.

CAVALCADE Review – ***

Is there a more obscure Best Picture winner than Cavalcade? It was the last winner to get a solo DVD release, it has less than 3,000 user votes on the IMDb (the fewest of any winner), and when is it ever mentioned, outside of Best Picture lists? To be fair, most of the early winners save All…

My Six-Month Film Awards: 2015

I decided to list the top 20 in each category, though most categories don’t have even half that many contenders. The top 5 in each category are my nominees, and as such are bolded. Picture: Mad Max: Fury Road Inside Out Love & Mercy Ex Machina Spy It Follows Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter Maps to…