My Movie Journal

Not every film I see commands a full review. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to share my thoughts on them. So I decided to start this journal, encompassing the films I watch (or rewatch) and giving my opinion of them, which may be quite detailed or quite brief.

As you can see, the initial run of the journal only lasted a few weeks; my tendency to write at length about everything I saw, even when I set out with the intention of keeping it brief, made keeping up the journal laborious, and the entries were often unwieldy. I do not have concrete plans to resume it, but having, I hope, become better at keeping it brief, I well may at some point.

  • 7/20/2015 – The Secret of Kells
  • 7/27/2015 – Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Black Dynamite, Road House, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
  • 8/3/2015The Road Warrior, The Learning Tree, Magic Mike XXL, Mr. Holmes, The Wolf of Wall Street
  • 8/10/2015 – Lawrence of Arabia, Ant-Man, Fantastic Four, Tangerine, The Naked City, Shaun the Sheep Movie
  • 8/17/2015All That Heaven Allows, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Jubal, Straight Outta Compton
  • 8/24/2015 – Cavalcade, American Psycho, Zoolander, Murder on the Orient Express, The Look of Silence, Mister Buddwing, The End of the Tour, Room at the Top, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
  • 8/31/2015 – Giant, Zorba the Greek, General Della Rovere, Tales from the Golden Age, World on a Wire, The Fifth Element, Anatomy of a Murder, The Diary of a Teenage Girl, Turbo Kid, Z for Zachariah

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