If you want the gravy…

…You've got to get the biscuits!

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The Films of 2016, in 100 Words or Less: Part VIII


Scorsese’s passion project of 25 years…and his lowest-grossing film in 20. (Source)

Here it is, the final batch of 2016 reviews. Savor them, because I’m not sure when I’ll be putting up more.

The first 9 films are ***½. The final three are ****.

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Producers Guild Award Nominees: 2016


Could Mel have found his way back into the industry’s good graces?

And now the Producers Guild chimes in. They’re traditionally a very solid barometer of most, but not all, of the Best Picture nominees. I’ll get into more in a moment, but first, the nominees:

  • Arrival
  • Deadpool
  • Fences
  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • Hell or High Water
  • Hidden Figures
  • La La Land
  • Lion
  • Manchester By the Sea
  • Moonlight

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2016 Rising, Actus Tertius: Reflections

It’s time to close the door on 2015. Past time, even. But I wanted to round off this awards season, as patchy as my coverage of it may have been, with a poll (seen above), some statistical fun, and some reflection on my awards past.

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Fear Not…

I realize updates have been very slow on here lately. It may be that way for a while.

But it ain’t over till I am. There will be new content coming before the end of the month, including possibly the single most ambitious post in this blog’s history. I won’t reveal what that particular post is, but here are a few other posts in various stages of planning:

  • A list of films I wish to see which are especially difficult to track down;
  • An overview of the first five years of my film awards and the past five years of the Oscars, with a tentative prediction of my 6th annual awards;
  • And an update on the status of my All-Time Film Awards.

Also, there will be more soda reviews in the coming weeks in between the more complex posts.

I will close with an aphorism I recently concocted:

Doing good is gravy. Doing right is the biscuits.

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The Nominations for the 88th Academy Awards

Mad Max vs the world poster

It sure is.

Well, my heart was pounding for a minute there.

And now that the dust is settling, there’s a strange set of nominees to sift through. Because they didn’t quite do what I expected. And in a couple of cases…they did what no one expected.

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Season’s Greetings from the Gravy!

I was hoping to have my Force Awakens review ready for you today, but it’ll probably have to wait until Saturday or Sunday. I want to make it a good one.

Just a few thoughts and notes to tide you over:

  • I saw The Big Short and The Good Dinosaur yesterday. The former was very, very good (on the cusp between ***½ and ****), but I want to give it a second viewing to be sure. The latter, however, has to be one of Pixar’s weakest films to date, and it only manages a low *** from me. Gorgeous animation, mediocre story.
  • I’m seeing Carol today. High hopes for that. Might put that review out for Monday. (Might just hit you guys with Carol and Star Wars at about the same time. We’ll see.)
  • Monday I’m seeing The Hateful Eight (in 70mm!!!). I’ll be getting a review of that out as soon as possible.
  • Joy (ugh), Concussion, The Danish Girl (UGH), and Youth will all be showing near me starting tomorrow. I’ll try to see and review all of them, though most of them will end up in a package review.
  • I swear I’ll get around to Hard to Be a God one of these days.
  • Sobering note: as of this moment I’ve seen 69 films for 2015, and have only 5 **** films. I might not even break 10 this year. I don’t know how much of it is me and how much of it is the cinema, but this has been an odd year. I’ll get into this more when I do my Top 20/Bottom 10 list.
  • Parting note: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is better than Home Alone. I’ve seen each enough times (I couldn’t even begin to count how many) to say.