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2016 Rising, Actus Tertius: Reflections

It’s time to close the door on 2015. Past time, even. But I wanted to round off this awards season, as patchy as my coverage of it may have been, with a poll (seen above), some statistical fun, and some reflection on my awards past.

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25 Overrated Films


Or, “Time to Piss Off a Lot of People”.

Just as there are a great many films I think are underrated (here’s a list of 100 of them), so there are quite a few films I think are praised beyond their actual worth. I will only cite 25 films at present, for the following reasons:
– 1. Many of the films I consider overrated are recent releases which may find their proper level of obscurity in due time.
– 2. A lot of films I consider overpraised I have yet to give a second chance to, and in many of those cases (especially films I saw when I was fairly young), I have left them off the list.
– 3. The criteria for determining a truly overrated film is actually quite strict. For each film I’ll offer an explanation as to why I consider it so overrated.
– 4. There’s a lot of canonical cinema I still need to see/rewatch, so I can’t yet make a definitive listing of what I consider overrated.

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Maybe not the BEST action movie, but perhaps the MOST action movie.

This’ll be a quick one. I’ll be seeing The Raid 2 tomorrow, so I watched this to prepare myself (though, given the relative lack of plot or character development, I could probably have enjoyed without seeing this). Definitely I’ll want to watch this again at some point, but suffice to say, if you’re at all interested in this and haven’t seen it–see it. I can’t imagine, knowing what to expect, that many would be disappointed by The Raid: Redemption. It delivers on its promises and then some. It’s not quite a masterpiece, but it’s frequently very impressive.

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