Rocket Fizz The Wizard of Oz Cherry Cola Review

Though I was born and raised in Kansas, the Oz fanatic in my family is my father, who was born and raised in Chicago (following in his father’s footsteps, who was a lifelong Chicagoan himself). But it makes sense. Baum wrote The Wonderful Wizard whilst living in Chicago, and his Kansas was really based on South Dakota anyway. (He only spent about three days in Kansas in his whole life. These are the things I know.)

Anyhow, later this week my father and I will be attending a convention of the International Wizard of Oz Club, so what better time to review this Oz-themed soda? I actually meant to review it much sooner, prior to another convention, but couldn’t get ahold of a bottle at the critical moment.

This is another Rocket Fizz soda, a company which makes countless gimmicky sodas, including a lot of the “gross” ones—but this, a cherry cola with a label based on the Golden Records adaptation of the 1939 film, was not only a must for me based on the Oz connection, but it seemed comparatively drinkable. So let’s just see what’s down this particular Yellow Brick Road.

Bright cherry bouquet. Hint of dust, but I’ve had this for a few weeks.

Solid cherry-cola flavor. Slight metallic tinge, though.

Still quite fizzy. That’s good. I really can’t abide a flat soda.

Another Oz Club member told me this wasn’t that good of a soda, but I think it’s all right. The Oz connection is still my main reason for trying it (and for holding onto the bottle), but for a June afternoon tipple, it’s really pretty refreshing.

Huge belch just now. Wasted on my ears alone.

The inside of the bottle cap says “Happy birthday”. My birthday isn’t for five months. Fools.

I’ve probably mentioned before that cherries are my favorite fruit, or way up there, and while a soda will never come near the taste of fresh cherries, this does pretty well for itself. “Bright” is a good word for it; it’s a good balance of sweet and fruity without going overboard—the tang of the cola helps with that, I feel.

Finished. Really quite pleasant. Not a must-drink, but if you’re a die-hard Oz collector and want the bottle for your own collection, it might be worth drinking the contents first. (I understand that many collectors would opt to leave the bottle forever unopened, but I don’t countenance wasting food and drink.)

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