My Most Underrated Films of 2018

I pushed this list back a week because of the Oscar nominations. Now that those have been fully digested, we return to our year-end lists. And much as I enjoyed grousing about the films I felt were overrated, I think this list is by far the more important one to write. Raising up underappreciated film…

SAG Award Winners: 2018

SAG announced their winners tonight. Let’s go over them real quick. Best Cast in a Motion Picture: Black Panther

Why I Am Not a Critic

I want to make this very clear: I am not a film critic and have never been one. Not only have I not taken a profane penny for my thoughts on a film, I am, at all times, I member of the pure and holy Ticket-Buying Public—one who relates their thoughts at length, in writing,…

The 91st Academy Awards Nominations

    Well, we had a surprise or two this morning, didn’t we? I won’t take long here – I’m going to run down the nominations, offer a few thoughts, and see how I did compared to my predictions. I’ll give a more detailed analysis of the various nominees in a few weeks when I…

Predicting the Nominees of the 91st Academy Awards

On Tuesday morning, bright and early, the nominees for the 91st Academy Awards will be announced, and this article will either testify to my brilliance or my idiocy – it matters not greatly which. This year, as I already noted during my review of the BAFTA nominations, a lot of categories feel as if they’ve…

My Most Overrated Films of 2018

There’s an ethos that holds as its main tenet “Let people enjoy things.” But I enjoy writing these posts. A great deal, in fact. And besides, I don’t want to dictate what you like or don’t like – and I certainly don’t want to take away your appreciation for a given film. I’m just hoping…

BAFTA Nominations: 2018

I was going to watch the nomination announcement live, but slept through it. Naturally. Going over these, there are a few surprises—some pleasant, but most more baffling than unpleasant per se, and tending to complicate the question of consensus. Not severely, mind you, but you’ll see what I mean as we go forward. And the…

DGA Nominees: 2018

The directors have weighed in. Let’s just cut to the chase, since we already know these will be pretty significant to predicting the Oscar nominees. First, the official five Best Director nominees: Bradley Cooper, A Star is Born Alfonso Cuarón, Roma Peter Farrelly, Green Book Spike Lee, BlacKkKlansman Adam McKay, Vice

WGA/ACE Eddie Nominations: 2018

A number of guilds are announcing their awards nominations today, but the ones I’m most interested in are the writers’ and editors’ guilds, since those most impact the top-level Oscar races. So let’s cut open this metaphorical sacrificial animal and perform some haruspicy on its organs, what what?

76th Golden Globes Results

I’m going to make this quick, because if I spend too much time on it, I might start vomiting. Okay, maybe not that, but just now I don’t feel like dwelling on the results or digging too deeply into what they might portend. My predictions here.