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Reviewing the 75th Golden Globes Awards


Two award winners, delivering award-winning dialogue in an award-winning film.

Well, that didn’t go so well (for me).

And, if you ask me, it didn’t go that well in any case. But how not-well I’ll explain by degrees…

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Predicting the 75th Golden Globes


Two nominations for a fairly impressive directorial debut in one of the biggest years ever for directorial debuts. But will it win either?

Predicting this year’s Globes is tricky. On the one hand, they love to help a narrative along. On the other hand, this year has several competing narratives. On the other other hand, thanks to some key omissions (namely in Director and Screenplay), they’re making it very difficult to predict which narrative, if any, they’re going to advance. So take these predictions with a grain of salt, and not just because I’m a dude on his couch who won’t even see the ceremony live because he doesn’t have cable.

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