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My 6th Annual Film Awards: Your Winners



Striding right along to that win.

I may not do this again.

In 2014, the fewest votes any category got was 77. In 2015, it was 45. This year, no category got more than 17 votes.

I don’t know why. I did my damnedest to get the word out. I used Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and even Instagram to try and draw voters. And none of it seemed to take. Were the nominees uninspiring? Was I too pushy? Did you just not want to be reminded of 2016?

If you’re inclined to answer, please give me your thoughts in the comments. I’d really love to hear them. And I do want to say how much I appreciate those of you who did vote. I only wish there were more of you.

The nominees are listed here; my winners, here. And now, your winners.

Best Picture: The Lobster (5 votes, 29.4%)

  • Write-in choices: Manchester By the Sea, Moonlight, Toni Erdmann

Quite reasonable. It had been my #1 from when I saw it in the theater until last night.

Best Director (TIE): Yorgos Lanthimos, The Lobster & Denis Villeneuve, Arrival (4 votes each, 26.7% each)

  • Write-in choices: David Mackenzie, Hell or High Water; Jeremy Saulnier, Green Room

Again, Lanthimos was my winner until just hours ago. And Villeneuve is a hell of a director.

Best Actor: Casey Affleck, Manchester By the Sea (4 votes, 30.8%)

  • Write-in choices: Paul Dano, Swiss Army Man

Affleck was my #2, and a close one. Kudos, also, to whoever wrote in Dano.

Best Actress (TIE): Isabelle Huppert, Elle & Natalie Portman, Jackie (4 votes each, 26.7% each)

I was really tempted to do the same. But I had to pick one. I’m also quite glad that all 5 nominees earned at least one vote.

Also, there was a tie for second, between Rebecca Hall and Min-Hee Kim. Tight category.

Best Supporting Actor: Daniel Radcliffe, Swiss Army Man (6 votes, 40%)

  • Write-in choices: Mahershala Ali, Moonlight; Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water

My own winner, Michael Shannon in Nocturnal Animals, actually earned no votes. But Radcliffe is awesome and an excellent choice.

Best Supporting Actress: Jena Malone, The Neon Demon (6 votes, 35.3%)

  • Write-in choices: Angourie Rice, The Nice Guys

This one was a surprise to me. I figured Viola Davis would win this easily (she actually came in third, behind Rachel Weisz), but the Neon Demon fans made themselves heard.

Best Ensemble (TIE): Don’t Think Twice Moonlight (5 votes each, 31.2% each)

  • Write-in choices: Manchester By the Sea

Fences was my winner, but until I saw it your two winners were practically tied with me. Good choices all around.

Best Vocal Performance – Male: Idris Elba, The Jungle Book (5 votes, 35.7%)

  • Write-in choices: Mark Rylance, The BFG

You can’t go wrong with Idris.

Best Vocal Performance – Female: Auli’i Cravalho, Moana (5 votes, 35.7%)

  • Write-in choices: Lupita Nyong’o, The Jungle Book; Kristen Wiig, Sausage Party

Although I went with Charlize Theron, I can’t argue with this either. Her rendition of “How Far I’ll Go” alone makes her a good choice.

Best Original Screenplay: Swiss Army Man (6 votes, 40%)

  • Write-in choices: Green Room, Manchester By the Sea

A surprising margin of victory for such a divisive film. But for realizing such a strange premise so well, I can understand it.

Best Adapted Screenplay (TIE): The Handmaiden Nocturnal Animals (4 votes, 26.7%)

  • Write-in choices: Arrival

My own choice, Elle, tied with Fences for second.

Best Factually-Based Screenplay: Jackie (5 votes, 35.7%)

I’m surprised this didn’t win by a bigger margin. It’s the clear winner in my book.

Best Cinematography: Arrival (5 votes, 38.5%)

  • Write-in choices: Moonlight

It’d be great if it won the Oscar, too. My own choice, Silence, is also nominated, but has no shot at winning.

Best Editing: Jackie (5 votes, 35.7%)

  • Write-in choices: Moonlight

Delighted you agreed with me on this one. Arrival would’ve been a great choice as well, but the way Jackie is put together is just breathtaking.

Best Production Design: The Handmaiden (4 votes, 30.8%)

  • Write-in choices: Hell or High Water

Interesting choice for the write-in. But the winner in this category was clear (though High-Rise quite rightly came in second).

Best Costume Design: The Love Witch (7 votes, 70%)

  • Write-in choices: The Handmaiden, Nocturnal Animals

The most dominant victory of the day. Anna Biller really killed it here (and the film itself is quite good as well).

Best Makeup: The Greasy Strangler (6 votes, 54.6%)

  • Write-in choices: The Love Witch


Best Score: The Neon Demon (5 votes, 41.7%)

  • Write-in choices: Moonlight

As with Picture and Director, this was my choice until the last minute. It’s a really fun score and I can’t blame anyone for picking it.

Best Song: “How Far I’ll Go”, Moana (4 votes, 33.3%)

  • “City of Stars”, La La Land; “Drive It Like You Stole It”, Sing Street; “Toxic Evolution”, Green Room

I wonder if “Drive It Like You Stole It” would’ve won had I nominated it? I considered it. This was a tough category to decide on a top 5 for, as I had at least 7 songs that would’ve won outright in a weaker year (like, say, 2015). It’s not the worst problem to have.

Best Sound Mixing: La La Land (5 votes, 45.5%)

Yeah, fair enough.

Best Sound Effects: Arrival (7 votes, 63.6%)

Another dominant victory. And another one we agree on. Amusingly, the probable Oscar winner, Hacksaw Ridge, earned no votes.

Best Visual Effects: The Jungle Book (4 votes, 36.4%)

Can’t argue with this.


3 awards: Arrival, Jackie

2 awards: The Handmaiden, The Jungle Book, The Lobster, Moana, The Neon Demon, Swiss Army Man

1 award: Don’t Think Twice, Elle, The Greasy Strangler, La La Land, The Love Witch, Manchester By the Sea, Moonlight, Nocturnal Animals

We agreed in 7 categories. Not bad.

(Oh, and to whoever wrote in a particular – and consistent – crude phrase: nice try.)

Next up, my predictions for the 89th Academy Awards.



2 thoughts on “My 6th Annual Film Awards: Your Winners

  1. Oh please do this next year too.
    The Oscars nominated the lobster in only one category but you had it in all the categories it deserved and it was fun voting for it.
    And you had a option for write in which is also cool.

    • I may well do them again. I may try to do them earlier or have a first round of voting to determine the nominees before proceeding with the final voting. If I was in a place where I could see more contenders sooner, it would really help.

      Thank you for voting and commenting! I’m always happy to get feedback, and I hope more readers take the time to give it!

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