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2016: The Year in Gravy

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Dope Malcolm Diggy Jib

The most-viewed post of the year and my most-viewed review to date. Not bad for a film I didn’t really love.

11,080 views. Not a bad figure. Not the best I’ve ever had for this blog. But given the year I’ve had, that a lot of us have had, I’ll take it.

It’s not like I have a choice.

Perhaps because I didn’t publish as much this year, or because I published far fewer “high-traffic” pieces, the new posts this year, for the most part, weren’t heavily viewed.

Instead, the real winners this year were the posts of previous years—my review of Dope, published in the summer of 2015, got 604 views this past year, the most any non-awards post has ever received in a single year.

I’m of two minds about this.

On the one hand, this suggests my back catalog of posts can and will draw readers for quite some time to come. Certainly, it would be no good if three years’ worth of posts went unread. I am as proud of them as I am of the post I’m writing now.

On the other hand, it makes me worry about why the newer posts are so much less read. Have I lost some element of my touch? Do I post too sporadically? Am I not writing about what people want to read about?

If you’d like to offer feedback in the comments, please do – that’s what they’re there for.

Still, I can’t blame anyone for the fact that I published just 60 posts this year (for comparison, in 2015 I published 116, and in 2014 I published a whopping 241 posts). I can endeavor to do better this coming year. It’s a year with a lot of potential and a lot of uncertainty for me, both personal and cinematic.

So let’s do a little breakdown of the year.

Top 5 Original Posts:

And my review of Deadpool came in sixth, with 71 views.

Sand castle dream sequence cap 1

Perhaps the most obscure film I’ve ever reviewed – but the review has been seen by quite a few eyes.

Top 10 Posts Overall:

*I suspect a number of these views were from people seeking information about a film released in 2016 called Sand Castles, or perhaps an upcoming film called Sand Castle, which actually sounds interesting enough. Neither are the film I reviewed, however, though I hope I inspired at least one person to see it.

Top 10 Posts to Date (through 12/31/16):

  1. My 4th Annual Film Awards: The Voters Speak!, 1,400 views
  2. My 4th Annual Film Awards: Open Voting!, 1,325 views
  3. Dope Review, 851 views
  4. Snowpiercer Review, 701 views
  5. Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song Review, 593 views
  6. Interstellar Review, 540 views
  7. IKEA Julmust Review, 524 views
  8. My 4th Annual Film Awards: The Nominations, 514 views
  9. Dear White People Review, 445 views
  10. Dom Hemingway Review, 430 views

These figures are as accurate as possible. However, I may have inadvertently made an error in addition or omitted a post with enough views to make the list. If I have done so, my sincerest apologies.

That wraps up today’s business. Tomorrow: the schedule for My Film Awards and other planned posts for the coming weeks.


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