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Critic’s Choice Awards Results

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I didn’t break down the nominees when they were announced, but I figure it’s worth a minute to run down the winners.

Best Picture: La La Land

No surprise there. It was gonna be one of three films, and realistically, one of two. And they went with the musical comedy. The feel-good pick. It makes sense.

Best Director: Damien Chazelle, La La Land

Again, no surprise. It was him or Barry Jenkins.

Best Actor: Casey Affleck, Manchester By the Sea

He’s won most of the awards to date. I think Adam Driver in Paterson is the only other person to have won anything of note.

Best Actress: Natalie Portman, Jackie

Not Isabelle Huppert. Interesting. Granted, Portman was predicted to be a major player, but so far Jackie has landed a bit more softly than I think we were expecting.

Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

No surprise whatsoever. (Notice a trend developing?) He’s won almost everything, except for the NBR, which went to Jeff Bridges.

Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis, Fences

So with Davis firmly in Supporting now, this category is going to open up a bit. It had appeared to be Michelle Williams’ to lose (with some minor competition from Naomie Harris), but not anymore. Which is fine by me.

Best Young Actor/Actress: Lucas Hedges, Manchester By the Sea

No shock there. I might have gone with Alex Hibbert from Moonlight or Hailee Steinfeld in The Edge of Seventeen, but this works fine.

Best Acting Ensemble: Moonlight

Makes perfect sense. For me it’s a virtual tie between this and Don’t Think Twice, and certainly this film has the best overall acting.

Best Original Screenplay (TIE): La La Land and Manchester By the Sea

Whoa. Wasn’t expecting that. La La Land must be better written than I thought.

It was too much, I suppose, to hope that The Lobster would win this.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Arrival

Wasn’t really expecting that either. But, honestly, looking at the other nominees, nothing else stands out as a better choice. Maybe Nocturnal Animals.

Best Cinematography: La La Land

Challenging Moonlight‘s lead. Which is fine, since I wasn’t bowled over by the Cinematography there.

Best Editing: La La Land

Tom Cross edited the hell out of Whiplash. I get it.

Best Production Design: La La Land

Does this have notable production design? I didn’t figure as it did.

Best Costume Design: Jackie

Sounds about right.

Best Hair & Makeup: Jackie

I guess making Natalie’s hair look like Jackie’s was enough. I’d have taken Star Trek Beyond or Hacksaw Ridge, but whatever.

Best Score: La La Land

Again – is the underscore noteworthy? Or is it just the songs?

Best Song: “City of Stars”, La La Land

No one nominated Popstar for anything. Fuckheads.

Best Visual Effects: The Jungle Book

Can’t really argue with this.

Best Animated Feature: Zootopia

Not my personal choice, but I’m fine with it.

Best Foreign Language Film: Elle

Excellent choice. The Handmaiden would’ve been good, too.

Best Comedy: Deadpool

Over Don’t Think Twice? Sorry, but no.

Best Actor in a Comedy Movie: Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool

Over Hugh Grant? Sorry, but no.

Best Actress in a Comedy Movie: Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins

This, however, works fine.

Best Action Movie: Hacksaw Ridge

Eh? I liked Captain America better.

Best Actor in an Action Movie: Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge

The competition was weak, but no. No fucking way.

Best Actress in an Action Movie: Margot Robbie, Suicide Squad

Get the fuck out of here.

Best Sci Fi/Horror Movie: Arrival

I’m fine with it.

So that’s that. Very similar in layout to the Satellite Awards (whose nominees I should go peruse).


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