Crystal Pepsi Review

In 1992, Crystal Pepsi came onto the scene, and despite heavy promotion was gone by 1994, having taken its place alongside New Coke as a failed attempt at shaking up the entrenched American soda paradigm. However, just as Surge was brought back from the dead, so, to my surprise, has Crystal Pepsi been given a new lease on life.

You know I’ve got to give it a shot. I missed it the first time around (that I can remember). I’m not making that mistake again. I’ll be honest, I’m not a Pepsi fan – I’m definitely on the Coke side of the eternal cola dichotomy – but no matter.

The scent is cola-ish, but with a bit of a citric undertone.

Seems to have gone a mite flat. The taste is more or less that of Pepsi.

When I say “more or less”, I mean that it’s definitely a milder taste. Cola, of course, tends to have a comparatively bold and pungent flavor, but this seems to have been rather dialed down.

Oh, and it has no caffeine.

Well, where’s the fun in that?

That aside, this isn’t too bad. All things considered, it’s pleasanter than regular Pepsi – it doesn’t have the astringent, palate-fouling quality that some colas can have.

Then cinnamon is strong with this one, by the by.

I’m pouring it into a chilled glass to compensate for not chilling the bottle sufficiently. It seems to work decently enough.

All in all, I like it. Might even get another bottle before it’s gone for good (it’ll apparently only be available for a few weeks). Then again, I figured Surge would vanish pretty quickly and you can still get ahold of that stuff, so I won’t feel too pressured.

Soda buffs will want to make sure and put down a bottle of this. The average soda drinker might as well give it a shot too, since it’s fairly nice.

It doesn’t command a really detailed analysis, but unless you absolutely refuse to drink Pepsi (or are justifiably deterred by the 69 grams of sugar per bottle), it’s worth the drinking.

I’ll finish with a vintage 1992 commercial which trumpeted its original release:


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