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Fentimans Curiosity Cola Review

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I’m very fond of Fentimans’ Cherrytree Cola, which I’ve previously reviewed, but I’m not entirely sure if I’ve ever even had their Curiosity Cola. If I had, it was some time ago, and a revisit – and a review – are in order.

Smells like a cola. What can you really say?

Tastes like a cola. A bit “fresher” than your standard HFCS cola, but otherwise, not greatly different.

The label says that it includes ginger. I’m not really tasting it yet.

I will say, this is quite refreshing. It may not be as good as the Cherrytree, but as straightforward colas go, it’s very good.

To be fair, there is definitely a hint of the herbal, which the label also promises. Not too much, though (which is fine by me; with herbal flavors a little goes a long way).

I’m not sure what makes it a “curiosity cola”. The botanical aspect, maybe?


Really not a whole lot to say about this. Not because it’s bad – it’s pretty good. It’s just not much more than a good cola. As far as Fentimans products go, the Cherrytree Cola is better. And as far as straight colas go, Mr. Cola is better.

But this still worth drinking.


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