Proper Coffee Soda Review

First there was Hop Soda. Then there was Hibiscus Soda.

Now, Proper comes out with something a hair less exotic: a coffee soda.

But I’m a big, big fan of the java. And I will not abide mediocrity.

Can Proper make a proper coffee soda? READ ON.

It has a very roasted scent. I approve.

Pungent, from the first fleeting taste. I might approve.

It’s fairly bitter. Not in a way that puts me off of it, necessarily, but this is definitely closer to black coffee than I expected. Granted, I’ve had this in my fridge for a while, so some of the sweetness might have settled out.

And yet, it’s got an odd fruity quality to it, buoyed by the fizziness, which makes it drinkable in a really odd way.

Some of the cane sugar (promised on the can) is beginning to shine through. Subtly, but it’s there.

It’s kind of a coffee seltzer. Dare I say, a coffee phosphate? (I think I’ll definitely do a future piece on chocolate phosphates. I’d say they count as sodas, and they are DELICIOUS.)

If I had coffee syrup I’d make coffee phosphates like nobody’s business.

This has a really bizarre flavor. It really is like coffee-flavored seltzer. Which isn’t bad, though I’m not sure I’d have it a second time.

I really wonder what the coffee-to-soda water ratio in this is. The can promises “SWEET & STRONG”, but there doesn’t seem to be all that much coffee in here.

Still, it’s pleasant. That seems to be the case with proper sodas. They’re pleasantly drinkable, but I’m not super-motivated to go back to them. (Maybe the Hop Soda. That I recall liking.)

Points for their design team, though. Their cans are attractive.


If you’re a soda completist (and if you are one, and are reading this…’sup?), this an easy drink to check off your list. The more casual soda drinker should probably go for something like Manhattan Special first.

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