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Fest Satsuma Mint Review

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After a superior experience with their Bourbon Cream Soda, I opted to seek out more sodas from Fest, and decided I would go for their oddest flavor next: Satsuma Mint.

The satsuma is a citrus fruit, closely related to the mandarin orange and tangerine, and extremely popular in the South–making it a reasonable choice for the New Orleans-based Fest.

As for the inclusion of mint, well, we’ll just have to see how it tastes.

Nice whiff of vapor as I crack it open.

Muted orangey smell…bit of mint in there…faint odor of vomit, but that might just be my nostrils…


Definitely the satsuma flavor is the most prominent. Except for the first sip, I got very little sense of mint aside from a mild mentholated sensation.

The mint is a strange sort of undercurrent–more an undertaste than an aftertaste–but it doesn’t really enhance the satsuma. It just sits alongside it.

It’s not bad, but it’s not quite doing it for me, either.

Essentially, it’s a more authentic orange soda with the mint serving mostly to confuse the palate. It’s a wholly unique flavor, as far as I know, the closest equivalent probably being Cherries N’ Mint (aka Kentucky Nip) which I have long sought without success.

Also–and this may be the result of the soda having been left to sit for too long in the fridge–the sweetness of the drink is starting to feel increasingly artifical as I near the bottom of the bottle.

And that’s that.

I’ll be honest: though I didn’t love this soda, it wasn’t bad enough by any means to dissuade me from pursuing other Fest sodas; their root beer and cola varieties should be quite satisfactory. If their most experimental flavor is not an unqualified success, nor is it an unwelcome attempt to expand the soda universe.


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