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DEADPOOL Review – ***

Deadpool IMAX poster.jpg

Too bad the best artistry in modern posters is so often confined to exclusives like these. (Source)

Deadpool may ultimately be more a triumph of context than of merit. I personally appreciate the huge bird it’s flipped the MPAA (and the fact that the film-going public, for once to their credit, seconded that salute), and the dedication on the part of its producers, and especially its star, to get such a gleefully graphic and subversive film made as part of a blockbuster franchise, more than I do its own dramatic strengths.

Don’t get me wrong: when Deadpool works, it does work, thanks in large part to Reynolds, who throws himself wholly into the role, never missing a step as he spouts off quip after quip. Even if you find Deadpool’s humor a mite tiresome at times, especially since the film around him provides only fleeting relief, it’s hard to deny that Reynolds is the primary factor in its success.

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Fest Satsuma Mint Review

After a superior experience with their Bourbon Cream Soda, I opted to seek out more sodas from Fest, and decided I would go for their oddest flavor next: Satsuma Mint.

The satsuma is a citrus fruit, closely related to the mandarin orange and tangerine, and extremely popular in the South–making it a reasonable choice for the New Orleans-based Fest.

As for the inclusion of mint, well, we’ll just have to see how it tastes.

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