Barritt’s Ginger Beer Review

I love a good ginger ale or beer. Ginger sodas might actually be my favorite school of soda. And latterly, given my recurrent nasal issues, I’m down for anything that’ll clear out my sinuses–and this seems like a solid candidate. (The classy bronze label didn’t hurt either.) It’s stuck around for 142 years…but will it survive being put to my own test?

Good and pungent scent. Always a good sign.

I wonder what “Bermuda Stone” means.

Fairly spicy, but with a definite sweetness as well. The label trumpets the use of Bermudan cane sugar, and it’s definitely on hand.

Oh, that’s definitely packing a punch as far as my uvula’s concerned. It’s not the spiciest ginger beet I’ve ever had–that honor would probably go to Goya’s incendiary brew–but if all you’ve had are ales, it’s a definite step up.

I just let out a healthy belch. Good to know it hasn’t gone flat.

Can we bring back “Jno.” as an abbreviation for “John”?

Now that I’ve determined its relative gingerness¹ (there’s another belch, and even stronger than the first), I can focus more on the flavor.

It’s a pretty solid little beverage. Honestly, I think it’s just bit too sweet (I generally like my ginger sodas on the sharp side), but it’s a very easy drink.

Finished already. I’ll probably be belching again soon.

Fun fact: Barritt’s is apparently best known for being one of the two ingredients in a Dark ‘N Stormy, the other being dark rum. I think I was meaning to bust out some rum I happen to have in the freezer to pair with it, but after my attempt at mixing Boylan Heritage Ginger with whiskey (which just…didn’t pan out at all), I decided not to bother.

I won’t say Barritt’s is a must for anyone other than ginger completists, but if it’s on hand, by all means give it a try.

¹Maybe this falls into “drive on a parkway/park on a driveway” depths of attempted wit, but I just realized how odd it is that “gingerly” refers to careful, measured action, while ginger itself is bold and pungent.



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