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…You've got to get the biscuits!

Original New York Seltzer Peach Review


After a rather disappointing experience with ONYS’ raspberry variety, I’m going to give their peach soda a chance. (I bought the two at the same time, before you think I threw away money on a soda I might not like.)

Bit of a hiss, but no bubbles. Not a great sign.

Definitely went flat a bit.

But the peach flavor is milder than the raspberry—peach, of course, is inherently mild—and so this is somewhat more enjoyable than the raspberry, though still not on a par with a good flavored seltzer.

There is still some fizz left, just not much.

The peach flavor is pretty well approximated. Apparently it has “natural peach flavor”, which is good to know.

I haven’t had many peach sodas. The only really notable one I can even think of is Peach Nehi (which I recall being less than blown away by, but I might give it another chance for the sake of a review.

This isn’t bad, though. I’d even drink it again. I’ll proceed with caution regarding ONYS’ other flavors, but at least I know they have one flavor I can savor.

Here’s hoping I can track down Cola & Berry. That seems like their most interesting flavor.


3 thoughts on “Original New York Seltzer Peach Review

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  2. Well you just hate everything don’t you. The peach Nehi, and both flavors of thee ONYS rock.

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