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The Terrible Twos Commence

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I was reminded (I had actually completely forgotten) that today is the second anniversary of this blog. Time flies, no? Except when it doesn’t.

A few stats for you, because WordPress helpfully keeps track of those:

  • The blog has received 25,481 views from 16,997 visitors (well, “visits” might be more accurate);
  • I’ve published 360 posts to date;
  • My best single day is February 15, 2015 (my father’s birthday, coincidentally), with 644 views;
  • As of this writing, I’ve received 1,174 views this month, 30 of which were today;
  • My most popular day, apparently, is Wednesday (with 16% of all views);
  • My most popular hour–supposedly–is 2:00 PM CST (with 7% of all views).

So where are we at today?

Well, today I saw Anomalisa (****–meaning this year finally made it to 10 **** films), and I’m going to see Carol for a second time tonight (I have no reason to believe it won’t stay a **** film).

I’ve also been renting some films to cover my gaps in 2015 coverage; so far I’ve seen The Stanford Prison Experiment (a very solid ***½), Slow West (a lower ***½), and rewatched Straight Outta Compton (which I initially thought to be a *** film, but I promoted to a low ***½–it’s a problematic film, but it has a lot of strengths). I also have Time Out of Mind out from the video store and hope to watch it tomorrow before work (and see if Richard Gere can’t help beef up what has been a rather weak year for Best Actor).

As for posts, Monday will be my Top 20/Bottom 10 list; I may not see all the films I’d like to see before then (if I can just see Hard to Be a God I’ll probably call it good), but the cutoff for my Film Awards isn’t until the morning of February 14th, when I publish my nominees–and open voting commences. I’m going to publish a piece, possibly on the 15th (though in all likelihood later to accommodate the time it’ll take to finish) reviewing the films I viewed in the final three weeks of my awards eligibility.

There’s also the matter of reviews for all the films of the year to date which I haven’t seen. Ideally, I could get out pieces on The Hateful Eight, The Revenant, Anomalisa, The Big Short, and Carol sooner rather than later. As for pieces dealing with the rest of the year…we’ll just take those as they come. I’m not going to make any promises I can’t keep.

Oh, and let’s not forget the soda reviews. There’ll be a few of those.

Until the next time…happy viewing!


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