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Fest Bourbon Cream Soda Review


Fest Cola first caught my attention with the nifty, semi-retro design on its bottles—no surprise to anyone who knows my fascination with commercial graphic design. And when I decided to review it for the first time, I had several intriguing flavors to choose from: Almond Cola, Pecan Root Beer, and  Satsuma Mint (satsumas are a citrus similar to mandarin oranges).

But I went with the Bourbon Cream, a reasonable choice given my past fondness for cream sodas (A&W’s variety was once my favorite soda). And so here, proudly from New Orleans, is Fest!

I’m a getting a strong vanilla scent. I’m battling a bad cold and so my sense of smell is a bit dodgy, but what I can process is quite pleasant.

That extends to the taste—this is a very smooth cream soda. Still has a bit of that carbonated tang, but on the whole…smooth. And that vanilla flavor is almost alcoholically potent.

I almost want the carbonation to get out of the way of the vanilla. But you expect carbonation from a soda, no?

I must say, this is eminently drinkable. That might sound like damning with faint praise, but a drink this smooth can hardly be described otherwise.

I’m not getting much bourbon flavor out of this, but maybe that’s not the bourbon I should be keeping a tastebud out for. Not that it matters. I’m almost finished. (Looking back on it, I’m an idiot. It’s clearly a reference to Bourbon Street.)

No caffeine. How congenial.


Very, very tasty. Very satisfactory. I’ll definitely be trying the rest of their flavors.


2 thoughts on “Fest Bourbon Cream Soda Review

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