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Original New York Seltzer Raspberry Soda Review

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I’ve been curious about Original New York Seltzer’s sodas for a while. Initially, I assumed they were merely flavored seltzer waters, but in fact, they’re full-on sodas (with cane sugar, which I appreciate). The relatively high sugar content–31 grams per 10 oz. bottle–led me to put off trying it, but a good price at the supermarket induced me to buy bottles of the peach and raspberry varieties. It is the latter which I now review.

A mild raspberry scent–in keeping with the fruit seltzers I’ve had before.

That is…very sweet.

The raspberry flavor is mild, as expected. The fizz is a touch muted. The sweetness is fairly strong.

Indeed, this is too sweet for my liking.

Maybe my palate is still a touch affected by the chili I had for supper, but this just isn’t all that appealing.

The sweetness isn’t quite intense enough to be cloying, but it overwhelms the rest of the beverage. And that’s frustrating to me.

There’s also a vaguely metallic quality which might be unique to this bottle, but which doesn’t help its cause.

I have to say, though, despite my issues with the drink itself, this is an extremely well-designed bottle. From the squat bottle (which my mother would’ve doubtless find adorable), to the bright blue cap, to the brightly colored neo-Art Deco label with the little cartoon bottles literally trumping the brand’s praises in the corner, it’s an attention-grabbing package.

I’m hoping the peach ONYS is more pleasant. But if it too is a disappointment, I may have to leave this brand behind.

I’m not eager to do that, though, since it has a rather interesting story behind it, detailed here.


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