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The Terrible Twos Commence

I was reminded (I had actually completely forgotten) that today is the second anniversary of this blog. Time flies, no? Except when it doesn’t.

A few stats for you, because WordPress helpfully keeps track of those:

  • The blog has received 25,481 views from 16,997 visitors (well, “visits” might be more accurate);
  • I’ve published 360 posts to date;
  • My best single day is February 15, 2015 (my father’s birthday, coincidentally), with 644 views;
  • As of this writing, I’ve received 1,174 views this month, 30 of which were today;
  • My most popular day, apparently, is Wednesday (with 16% of all views);
  • My most popular hour–supposedly–is 2:00 PM CST (with 7% of all views).

So where are we at today?

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2016 Rising, Actus Secundus: Most Anticipated Films

As I make my way through the remaining films of 2015, I must turn my attention to the new year and what it has to offer.

If 2015 was a year where most of my top films were more or less in the mainstream, this looks to be more like 2014–a year where most of my favorite films were lesser-known outings, either indies, foreign films, or foreign indie films. And that’s fine by me. I’d rather highlight the underdogs than echo the general sentiment.

I gotta say, though, I have no idea how this year will turn out. Probably the two films I most want to see are technically holdovers from last year. But after poring over several lists (including these two, and these three lists from the B+ Movie Blog, which I heartily recommend), and taking stock of what’s been playing at Sundance, I’ve assembled the following lists.

I’ve broken the lists into blocks of 25, the first of which I’ve most extensively illustrated, these films broadly being those I am most excited for. But this far out, who knows what the year will bring?

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Fest Bourbon Cream Soda Review

Fest Cola first caught my attention with the nifty, semi-retro design on its bottles—no surprise to anyone who knows my fascination with commercial graphic design. And when I decided to review it for the first time, I had several intriguing flavors to choose from: Almond Cola, Pecan Root Beer, and  Satsuma Mint (satsumas are a citrus similar to mandarin oranges).

But I went with the Bourbon Cream, a reasonable choice given my past fondness for cream sodas (A&W’s variety was once my favorite soda). And so here, proudly from New Orleans, is Fest!

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LAMB Review – ***½

Lamb poster

“They’ll understand…because it’s love.” (Source)

It’s not always clear whether Lamb really is a tale of a Love Too Pure For This World, or whether its protagonists merely think they’re acting one out, but that’s all part of its troubling fascination. It’s a film where the context and given circumstances are everything; scenes which would otherwise be charming and tender are instead incredibly tense, knowing what we know.

It’s the first film I’ve seen which I’m counting towards 2016, and it starts the year off fairly well. It’s definitely not for all tastes; my screening had three total attendees, including me–and the other two walked out before the film was finished. It’s no wonder that Lamb has made less than $15,000 to date. But, for all its faults, I found it to be very moving indeed.

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Original New York Seltzer Raspberry Soda Review

I’ve been curious about Original New York Seltzer’s sodas for a while. Initially, I assumed they were merely flavored seltzer waters, but in fact, they’re full-on sodas (with cane sugar, which I appreciate). The relatively high sugar content–31 grams per 10 oz. bottle–led me to put off trying it, but a good price at the supermarket induced me to buy bottles of the peach and raspberry varieties. It is the latter which I now review.

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The Most Overrated/Underrated Films of 2015

71 poster

I love this poster. I wish I had loved the film.

This was a tough pair of lists to compile. Some years, the choices are ample. This year, though, there weren’t many films I found significantly overrated (though there are always a few), and fewer which I found truly underrated. But, by dint of effort and with a little (which is to say a lot) of stretching, I came up with 10 of each, and present them unto you.

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Critics Choice Awards (BFCA) Results

Just gonna go over these real quick. They tend not to get as much press as other awards, but they should be respected as a precursor.

Best Picture: Spotlight

At first glance, not too surprising. It’s more or less been the front-runner despite not winning quite as consistently (in this category, at least) as that status would suggest. But when you look at this in the context of the entire evening, it starts to look just a little odd, and has me wondering about what might happen Oscar night.

And it would appear that last minute Star Wars nomination didn’t really pan out.

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