Proper Soda Co. Hibiscus Soda Review

Let me start by apologizing for not having put out more content lately. I’ve been increasingly busy with work (at a movie theater, no less!), and with awards season heating up I’ve been more focused on that than on the comparatively grueling process of writing reviews (and I feel like my recent reviews, Chi-Raq especially, have not been my best work). I will endeavor to get a review of Spotlight out before The Force Awakens opens and wipes out my free time for a week or so.

In the meantime, I’ve got some brand new sodas on hand, the day off, and I haven’t done one of these reviews in ages, so let’s get to it!

My last experience with Proper Soda Co. was interesting enough, and the prospect of a soda flavor I’ve never so much as seen before has me intrigued. I have no idea what hibiscus tastes like, and I haven’t smelt one recently enough to remember the odor. So we’re going in blind.

Which is just fine by me.

Interesting color. Don’t see that shade too often. Muted scent, though. Not getting much from that.

Hmm. It’s a subtle flavor. Hard to place. Sweet, fruity…but let me see if I can be more specific.

The ingredients include grape extract, which I can definitely taste. It’s like seltzer with a little grape added. But only a little.

This might be a comparatively unique flavor. I can’t really place it in the context of anything I’ve tried before. Not surprisingly, it has an herbal quality, but that too is fairly faint.

There’s also citric acid, which explains the mild tang, but not so potent that it defines the flavor.

I just finished it off. There’s that vaguely peppery herbal aftertaste, not unpleasant in its own right but not a compensation for the drink’s lack of a truly distinctive flavor, however singular it may be.

There’s a legend on the back of the can. Let’s see what it says:

“A distinctive floral flavor.” Well, not quite distinctive enough, I fear.

Not a bad drink in of itself, but not quite worth recommending (though the can itself is rather handsomely designed).

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