Just a quick note to say that I’m reverting to the 4-star scale which I used for the first year or so of the blog.

I have a number of reasons for this, but most fundamental is the simple fact that I still find myself thinking in terms of the old scale. It reflects my general opinion of a film more accurately and is, all things considered, more user-friendly.

It doesn’t help that so few films reach ***** for me (just one so far this year, and only two last year). It denies the films which I rate 87-89/100 (which were **** on the old scale) the full measure of my appreciation for them, since so many of them really are among the best films of the year.

I’ll be reverting to the old scale with my next review, which I expect to be Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq–a *** film, which suits it better than the ***½ it would have otherwise received.

And the 4-star scale is as follows:

87-100: ****

77-86: ***½

65-76: ***

55-64: **½

40-54: **

26-39: *½

15-25: *

0-14: Utter Shite

I will not change the ratings on the reviews I posted while the 5-star scale was in effect. I will update the yearly rankings shortly.

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