New York Film Critics Circle Awards: 2015

Carol poster
Four awards–but not necessarily the four you’d expect. (Source)

The NYFCC has been around for 80 years. Moreover, at one time they were supposedly regarded in some circles as the superior award to the Oscar. So they must be regarded as a fairly major precursor.

They have spoken–and there are a few surprises.


Picture: Carol

Can I just say how much I like how all-over-the-place this year has been so far? Three legit Best Picture awards so far, each for a different film: Spotlight from the Gotham Awards, Mad Max from the NBR, and now this. No consensus whatever yet. Which I love. I hate a predictable year.

Anyway, I really want to see Carol and by all accounts, it’s a beautiful film. So this should be quite acceptable.

Director: Todd Haynes, Carol

Not so sure about this just because it doesn’t seem like as much of a directing showcase, but we’ll just wait and see.


Actor: Michael Keaton, Spotlight

Huh? A: he’s totally supporting, and B: I didn’t think he was worth more than a nomination at the most. He only gets to #15 on my list in Supporting, and in Lead…about the same.

I figured he might win the Oscar to make up for Birdman, but I didn’t think the NYFCC pulled that kind of shit. But they snubbed him last year, too (for Timothy Spall, of all people), so that’s probably why.


Actress: Saoirse Ronan, Brooklyn

I’m fine with this. She’s my #2, though so far I’ve seen a lot of very good performances in this category but none that jump out as a winner. And she doesn’t quite do so, either, but she’s good enough that I don’t object.

That said, this award looks rather strange given how well Carol did elsewhere. Did Blanchett and Mara split votes?


Supporting Actor: Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies

Another performance that’s just fine (my #6 as of this writing), but not one that feels like a strong winner to me. He’s good–no question about that. But the best of the year? Honestly, Emory Cohen from Brooklyn would’ve been a stronger choice.


Supporting Actress: Kristen Stewart, Clouds of Sils Maria

This one shocked me a little. Not just because of how much she’s turned her career around, but because the film itself, being a spring release, seemed to have been forgotten. Not so. (And also because she beat out Rooney Mara, who’s admittedly dancing the line between lead and supporting but was in the big winner of the year.)

I don’t know if this’ll push her firmly into the Oscar race, but you have to consider that as a possibility. And given that she does do a very solid job (my #3), I’m just fine with that.

Screenplay: Carol

I saw Phyllis Nagy’s response to this on Twitter. You can’t help but enjoy seeing someone so happy.

Cinematography: Carol

From the trailers, it looks quite beautiful. So I can imagine I’ll be cool with this.

Foreign Film: Timbuktu

A very good film–but I thought this was eligible last year. Apparently it’s eligible this year for the NYFCC, but it still feels odd.

Animated Film: Inside Out

No shit.

Non-Fiction Film: In Jackson Heights

It’s a three-hour documentary about a neighborhood in Queens, by Frederick Wiseman, who’s been a big name in documentaries since the 60s. I’d like to see it, but his films don’t seem to get wide releases very often.

First Film: Son of Saul

I’m just shocked it didn’t win Foreign Film.

I’m still a bit baffled by Carol‘s absence in the acting categories, but what are you gonna do?

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