If you want the gravy…

…You've got to get the biscuits!


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“I love my brothers, and believe them. That’s the power of love.” (Source)

Apologies for not posting more in recent days. Last weekend I was out of town without WiFi, and this week has been exceptionally busy. Ideally, the days to come will be a bit less stressful.

Here’s what I’d like to have up for Monday:

  • My completed review of Pan;
  • A dual review of The Martian and Bridge of Spies;
  • A revision to the latest Trailer Salad, with additional trailers and expanded commentary;
  • A quick analysis of the Gotham Award nominees and Hollywood Film Award nominees, kicking off awards season earlier than ever!

In the week to come I’m expecting to see Crimson Peak, Steve Jobs and at least one of the trifecta of crap which is dropping this weekend: The Last Witch Hunter, Rock the Kasbah, or Jem and the Holograms–average Rotten Tomatoes score 15%.

I must be going, but for now, here’s the weirdest film I’ve ever seen:


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