Announcing a Special Treat!

From this…

I’ve already told you about my plans for the first round of the All-Time Film Awards (and I’ll have more pieces in regards to that soon enough), but I’ve decided to add another piece, one which will be updated more regularly than the ATFAs (which I will probably update annually or biannually) and my Top 100 (which will probably be updated annually).

While talking with my friend Jarod (a film major and as such, fellow cinephile), he asked if my blog contained a full ranking of all the films I’ve seen. Such a ranking would be impossible to compile, of course; many of the films I’ve seen I no longer remember well enough to rate, let alone rank.

But since I began using Criticker in 2011, I have given numerical scores to nearly every film I’ve seen. Some of those scores are outdated, but most are based on a recent viewing of the film in question and reflect, as accurately as possible, my thoughts. So such a list could be compiled.

And, on New Year’s Day, it shall be unveiled!

However, it will not represent an absolute ranking of the films. There’s a certain point beyond which I cannot properly remember whether one 84/100 is better than another 84/100. When the time comes to compile the list, I’ll see what I can do, but if, as I suspect, an accurate order cannot be attained, I will rank the films by score, then alphabetically.

This will still give you some idea of where I stand not just on the films of the last few years, but of all time. I’m working my way through more and more vintage films (especially since this is now something of a dead zone for new releases), and will hopefully also be able to do some NBR Top 10 articles.

Basically, this holiday season will be a whole lot of Gravy.

…to this.

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