Mr. Cola Review

I’ve tried Mr. Cola before at the instigation of my friend Kam, but never gave it a review. It’s been a while since I actually drank this bottle, so I’m going from memory and my notes, but no matter. From Orca Beverage Soda Co., originally born under the auspices of Grapette…Mr. Cola.

This bottle’s been sitting in the fridge for a while, so it might be flat.

And it is, but this is a tasty enough soda that it doesn’t matter too much. It’s got a very pleasant flavor, cola but with cherry notes–less like Cherry Coke than Moxie.

Reminder: if you haven’t tried Moxie, do so.

Even without carbonation, this has a nice, clean flavor–unlike the HFCS-riddled majors, it doesn’t have that heavy, syrupy quality.

It’s just a very nice cherry cola (though not labeled as such), and although you could argue whether or not it’s the “aristocrat” of colas, it earns its title more than several other self-ennobled beverages I could name.


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