If you want the gravy…

…You've got to get the biscuits!

Onward and Upward

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Jurassic World, by not having Samuel L. Jackson, can never be quite as good as Jurassic Park, since it has Samuel L. Jackson.

As of this writing, If You Want the Gravy… has seen 8,504 views for calendar year 2015, officially topping the 8,498 views we received in all of 2014 (though we didn’t start until late January). To be fair, some of those views were me indvartently clocking views while reveling in my accomplishments, but barring a severe drought of views, the record will be absolutely beaten before the month is out.

Now, as for what to expect in the coming days. As noted previously, I’m on a vacation (for my cousin’s wedding, and you should totally check out his movie blog) and won’t be home until well into June, limiting my ability to see movies and the time I have to write. But between now and the end of June, here are a few things you can expect to see:

  • A review of the obscure 1961 film The Sand Castle, which I have long sought and which is finally available for online viewing (and from a stable source);
  • My Cannes wrap-up, where I reflect on the winners, on the receptions accorded the competitors vs. my initial impressions, and where I delve into the Un Certain Regard films and special screenings;
  • Possibly a review of Tomorrowland (at this point I’m more interested in picking apart its apparent failings);
  • A review of Jurassic World;
  • Reviews of Aloha (which looks remarkably lame), Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, Love & Mercy, possibly Saint Laurent, Spy, Ted 2, and hopefully Dope;
  • More soda reviews;
  • And lastly, the Six-Month Film Awards.

And, if we’re lucky, that won’t be all.


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