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Rachel’s Ginger Beer Review

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I’ve been on a trip to the PNW, and while in Seattle made a trip down to the Pike’s Place market, and came across the RGB store. Returning the following day, I decided the time was ripe for another soda review–I always like to highlight beverages that most of the world hasn’t heard of, and since I’VE never heard of this, I’m not sure how many have, outside of the Seattle area.

Since bottled RGB is only available on rather hefty (and pricey) growlers, I opted to just get a cup of it and review it promptly.

The aroma is pretty gingery. A promising sign.

As with most ginger beers, it’s more pungent and less sweet than an ale–it’s not unlike grapefruit juice in its balance of bitter and sweet. And since I like grapefruit juice, that’s a good thing.

It’s quite nice. Certainly one should have a decent tolerance for ginger (I’m sure this would come in handy if one had an upset stomach), but for my money, it’s a fine summer drink–crisp, potent, and refreshing.

Rachel’s has a number of other flavors, including blueberry, blood orange, cucumber tarragon and pineapple Thai basil. I contemplated trying one of those, but I’m not at all unhappy I stuck with the original.

I’m not sure what the availability is like beyond the Seattle area, or even beyond Pike’s Place. The bottles carry a disclaimer that their cargo should be consumed within a few weeks, and since the handcrafted nature of the drink seems to be a major selling point, you might have to trek to Pike’s Place to get your hands on it.

If ginger is your thing, though, you’ll probably be pretty damn happy with this excellent little drink. And they make Moscow Mules with it, too!


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