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Dewshine Review

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Mountain Dew being infamously sugary (46 grams a serving, is it?), I was rather curious when this clear, real sugar-based variant became available. And while the Dew has never been one of my favorites, I figured this was worth adding to my list. It’s been properly chilled–let’s see if they reinvented themselves or basically just made Sprite.

Smells like (teen) Sprite.

Tastes a little more like Dew–it’s got a bit of that heavy, syrupy taste–but so far, pretty much your standard lemon-lime taste.

Also, this particular bottle at least has gone very flat. Like, distractingly so. I haven’t even had this for that long, so I’m not sure what happened.

This has 42 grams of sugar. Sugar, to be fair, not HFCS, but still. 

Not bad, but I can see why this hasn’t really taken off. I can’t really recommend it except to Dew-Hards and completists.

I’ve got three more bottles of this. Lucky me.


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