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ROAR Review – ***

For much of Roar, my jaw was dropped, not for the level of technical accomplishment on display, but for the mind-boggling irresponsibility that went into its creation, the fruits of which have been widely touted by Drafthouse: the big cats which comprise most of the cast were completely unharmed¹ during the lengthy production, but almost every human involved was. And as the lions, tigers, leopards, and other felids leapt on, gnawed on, and chased about the hapless homo sapiens, as nearly every tenet of common sense where human interaction with wild animals is concerned was totally disregarded, so swung open my mouth.

I was lucky enough to meet one of the animal wranglers for the film’s production at the screening I attended, and he made the point to me that such a film could never be made now. And it’s hard to feel bad about that–that no one was killed in the name of Roar seems positively miraculous–but at least we have this anomalous film to bear witness to what happened when good intentions met some very sharp teeth.

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